Digital Mole Mapping with FotoFinder bodystudio

Dermatology Consultants is now taking appointments for digital mole mapping using FotoFinder® bodystudio technology. FotoFinder bodystudio provides a precise set of high-resolution digital photographs of the moles on a person’s entire body and uses sophisticated software to monitor them. The system then compares a series of photographs to baseline photos, which helps with early detection of new or changing moles. Studies published in scientific journals have found that full body digital mole mapping helps with the early diagnosis of melanoma, and it is recommended for patients who are at risk for developing melanoma.

“With skin cancer rates rising, the importance of annual skin screenings and total body mole mapping has risen,” said Dr. Robert Anderson. “The FotoFinder system will provide the most detailed history of a patient’s skin possible, providing much more sensitive detection of new or changing moles. We’re excited to offer such advanced technology for our patients.”

Digital mole mapping does not replace annual full body skin exams. Patients must first have a skin exam and be subsequently recommended for digital mole mapping. Digital mole mapping is offered only at our Woodbury location at this time.  For more information about digital mole mapping with FotoFinder bodystudio visit our website here. To schedule an appointment call 612-209-1600 or request an appointment online.

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