Dr. Robert Anderson
Robert C. Anderson, MD, PhD
Vadnais Heights Office

Dr. Anderson is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys fly fishing, camping, paddling and skiing.

Kathryn C. Barlow, MD
Eagan Office

Dr. Barlow recently earned her first-degree black belt in Taekwondo.

Dr Cohen
Diana K. Cohen, MD, MS
Eagan Office, Vadnais Heights Office, Woodbury Office

Dr. Cohen is a huge basketball fan and, although her first love will always be the Chicago Bulls, she has embraced the Timberwolves and enjoys attending games with her family.

Dr. Margaret Collins
Margaret A. Collins, MD
Vadnais Heights Office

Dr. Collins once lived in Bordeaux and Paris, France and majored in French before turning her eye toward medicine.

Dr. Bethany A Cook, MD
Bethany A. Cook, MD

Dr. Cook enjoys the variety of seasons in Minnesota. She loves hiking, skiing, and taking trips to the Boundary Waters with family and friends.

Dr. Jeremy Cook
Jeremy W. Cook, MD
Woodbury Office

Dr. Cook was an avid runner who won the 10K race at the Twin Cities in Motion event in 2013. He also loves to flyfish.

Dr. Julie S. Cronk
Julie S. Cronk, MD
Vadnais Heights Office, Woodbury Office

Dr. Cronk spent time studying Dermatology in Australia and loves traveling with her husband and 3 kids.

Dr. George
Pierre M. George, MD
St. Paul Office

Dr. George is a veteran of the U.S. Navy and among his many fitness-related hobbies, he enjoys practicing yoga.

Dr. Noel Hauge
Noel A. Hauge, MD
Eagan Office

Dr. Hauge was trained in Mohs Surgery by Dr. Frederic Mohs himself.

Dr. Juan P. Jaimes
Juan P. Jaimes, MD, MS
Woodbury Office

Dr. Jaimes is an expert dermatoscopist/dermoscopist and winner of the Dermachallenge, during which he tested his skills against AI in diagnostic accuracy and set a world record. <a href="https://www.dermatologyconsultants.com/2018/12/03/dr-juan-jaimes-now-holds-world-record-in-diagnostic-accuracy/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Learn more about Dermachallenge and this accomplishment</a>.

Phillip J. Keith, MD
St. Paul Office, Vadnais Heights Office

Dr. Keith is an avid runner and golfer. He enjoys spending time outdoors with his family.

Matthew J. Larson, MD
Eagan Office

Dr. Larson is a devoted fan of his Iowa Hawkeyes.  He is also an avid golfer, although still in search of his first hole in one.

Jozef Lazar, MD
Eagan Office, St. Paul Office

In his spare time Dr. Lazar enjoys bicycling and spending time with his wife and 3 kids.

Jessica A. Morrell, MD

Dr. Morrell has three young children, a boy and two girls! Her son is an avid hockey player so she has quickly become a hockey Mom and her girls love to cheer him on. She also enjoys running, cooking, and a good cup of coffee.

Tanya A. Sale, MD
St. Paul Office

Dr. Sale enjoys running, traveling, and trying new restaurants.

Dr. Todd Seelhammer
Todd G. Seelhammer, MD
Woodbury Office

Dr. Seelhammer has a wife and two small children who rule the household at home. He also has a large family including an identical twin who is an Anesthesiologist at Mayo Clinic. He enjoys exercise, outdoor activities, and even video games in his spare time.

Dr. Joseph Shaffer
Joseph J. Shaffer, MD
Eagan Office, Vadnais Heights Office

Dr. Shaffer has performed over 25,000 Mohs surgeries! In his spare time, he enjoys opera, working out, collecting comic books and comic art.

Dr. Kristina Shaffer
Kristina K. Shaffer, MD
Eagan Office, Vadnais Heights Office, Woodbury Office

Dr. Shaffer has quite a green thumb, and when she’s not in the office she enjoys spending time in her garden.

Lydia I. Turnbull, MD
Woodbury Office

Most people don't know Dr. Turnbull was born in Greece and lived there for 7 years. Now that she’s adjusted to the Minnesota climate she enjoys spending time with her children and running outside with her dog year round!

Dr. Cortney White
Cortney D. White, MD
Eagan Office

Dr. White’s favorite places to take her family on a day off are the Minnesota Zoo and the Children’s Museum.

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