Dermatologic Surgery

Dermatologic surgery is a broad term, but it can be defined as a procedure used to improve or repair the skin. Dermatologists are specifically trained to perform surgical procedures on the skin. More than any other field of medicine, dermatologists understand the mechanisms of skin repair and healing, and the biology specific to skin disorders. Dermatology Consultants’ physicians stay current on continued developments and innovations in dermatologic research.

Our dermatologists perform surgical procedures ranging from removal of suspicious lesions to the definitive treatment of skin cancers.  Dermatologic surgery procedures can range from the removal of a suspicious lesions or the definitive treatment of skin cancers. In addition, we have the capability to remove some skin lesions with simple in-office procedures. Most importantly, our dermatologists are specifically trained in diagnosing skin conditions in order to determine the most appropriate method of treatment, thus ensuring the most optimal outcome.