Botox is a purified protein that relaxes the muscles that cause wrinkles with movement. It is the number one cosmetic procedure in the world for both men and women. Treatment typically takes around 10-15 minutes and there is no down time.

Wrinkles that Botox can improve include: Frown lines “11’s”, crow’s feet, forehead lines, lip lines, bunny lines on the nose and skin bands on the neck. Botox can also be used to shape the face by improving the jaw line and can reduce unwanted dimpling on the chin.

The expert Board Certified doctor injectors at Dermatology Consultants will soften your expression lines and wrinkles and make sure you still look like you!

Real patient. Real results. These photos show an actual Dermatology Consultants patient before and after BOTOX treatment:

Treatment performed by Dr. Tina Shaffer

Click here for a slideshow of actual Dermatology Consultants patients before and after BOTOX. Real Patients. Real Results. 

What is the difference between Botox and Fillers?

Botox relaxes and smooths lines and wrinkles that come from muscle movement. Fillers are products that support the skin from underneath and “fill in” lines for a more youthful, softer look. Fillers can also smooth and plump lips, soften shadows and fill in hollowed out areas. Botox and fillers are often used together to get the best, most natural results.

The Procedure

A Botox treatment session typically takes around 10-15 minutes. The doctor will use a tiny needle to inject the specific muscles that cause the wrinkles. There is no down time after the treatment. You can resume your normal activities but should avoid strenuous exercise for the remainder of your treatment day.

Duration of Botox Results

Botox takes 3-7 days to take full effect and usually lasts between 3 and 4 months. Regular Botox treatments will maintain and improve your results.

Botox is a very safe treatment used for over 20 years to soften wrinkles. Your doctor will make sure you are a good candidate for Botox injections and answer any questions you may have about the procedure.

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