LATISSE® is a prescription, at-home product treatment that is intended to produce longer, thicker, and darker eyelashes. LATISSE® may greatly benefit individuals who have inadequate or minimal eyelashes (“eyelash hypotrichosis”).

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How LATISSE® Works

Hair loss does not only occur on a person’s head; eyelashes will eventually fall out as you age. Fortunately, LATISSE® can help to extend the hair growth phase in addition to increasing the number of hairs that actually sprout.

This product is to be applied at night (after your face is cleansed and all makeup is removed) with the use of a sterile applicator, which should be dabbed on the upper lash line. You should not dab the lower lash line with the sterile applicator, because the drug naturally spreads to the lower line when you blink. LATISSE® must be applied very delicately; if the product touches another region hair growth may develop in that area.

LATISSE® does not require anesthesia, and there is no downtime associated with this product treatment.

Ideal Candidates for LATISSE®

You may be an ideal candidate for LATISSE® if you are unhappy with having inadequate eyelashes. In order to qualify for this type of cosmetic treatment, you must also be realistic in  your expectations, and be both physically and psychologically healthy. A physician at Dermatology Consultants will determine if this prescription treatment is right for you.

The Most Common Side Effects and Potential Risks

The most common side effects are itchy eyes and eye redness. In order to avoid infection or allergic reaction, it is important to discard each applicator after one use. Although very rare, LATISSE® may cause a permanent, increased brown pigmentation of the colored part of the eye. Eyelid skin darkening is another potential risk, which is reversible.

Duration of LATISSE® Results

Results are usually visible after two months of nightly use. Your at-home treatment schedule may change after three or four months; the physician may recommend that you apply LATISSE® every two days. Should you decide to stop treatment, your eyelashes will eventually return to their previous state.

The Cost of LATISSE®

The approximate cost of the LATISSE® kit may vary. Be sure to ask about this during your consultation with a physician at Dermatology Consultants.

Please feel free to call (651) 209-1600! We look forward to further providing you the information you need and addressing all of your concerns regarding LATISSE®.



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