Lentigos or freckles are the brown spots that come with excessive sun exposure.  The best prevention is using sunscreen every day even if you are only in the car. Using sunscreen after brown spots occur can help prevent the spot from becoming darker also. 

Several different types of bleaching creams are used to fade brown spots.  Vitamin C and Vitamin A in addition to the bleaching creams work together to fade age spots faster. We often recommend Skinceutical Pigment Regulator to the dark spots, CE ferulic or Phloretin CF and Retinol.  Customized regimens can also be discussed with one of our dermatologists.

If there is a certain freckle or age spot that needs to be removed, the Q-Alexandrite laser is a fast treatment for individual spots.  For many age spots on an entire face or hands or the chest, the Fraxel DUAL laser treats larger areas.  Both lasers may need several treatments and using the topicals above will help dark spots from recurring.

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