Two of the most common benign spots that show up on our skin are seborrheic keratosis and cherry angiomas.  Seborrheic keratosis, or as some like to call them, wisdom spots, are benign growths that have flat tops and can be scaly but at the same time are smooth. They run in families and we tend to get them as we get older. They can present in any body part and are completely benign. Sometimes they can get inflamed and irritated and can be removed if needed.  Cherry angiomas are very common small red bumps that develop later in life. They are small, dilated blood vessels that come to the surface and are usually there to stay. Certain conditions such as pregnancy can make them appear more quickly. They are harmless. However, if you were to develop hundreds of them at an early age it would be important to have them checked by your dermatologist.

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