Choosing an Express Acne Facial can be a way to focus exclusively on pore cleansing. Clogged pores can be a problem at any age from teens to mature adults.  Teens, for example, often come in with clogged pores (called closed or open comedones) and sometimes with active acne pustules. Adults can also have active acne, but the problem more often is due to milia, pores that contain a solid plug of sebum (oil) and skin cells that are trapped just below the skin surface. Extractions can be difficult to perform your own skin and can even lead to injured skin tissue  if done poorly. That’s why it’s always a good idea to visit a trained esthetician for a pore cleansing facial.

My Express Acne Facial begins with an assessment of your condition and a discussion about what can be accomplished during the session. Once your skin is cleansed thoroughly the process of pore cleansing begins. You might feel both a pinching and pressure sensation from tools such as a lancet and comedone extractor as the pores are cleansed. Don’t worry, I check several times to make sure it is not too uncomfortable.

After the extraction is complete, I apply a soothing serum and then an appropriate sunscreen. At that point I provide an assessment of the session and recommendations for future visits and products that may be helpful for maintaining your skin condition.

Keep in mind that acne facials should be part of a comprehensive approach to improving your skin condition and that not all acne or clogged pores benefit from extraction. You may need prescription medication, laser therapy for scarring or other medical treatments.  It is always best to see your dermatologist to discuss any problems you may be having with acne first.

You will always see a doctor.

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