Facial Hair Removal at Dermatology Consultants

Most of us struggle with unwanted facial hair at varying times of our lives. Whether it’s unruly brows or unsightly hairs on the lip or chin, we offer both permanent and temporary hair removal options from both dermatologists and estheticians at Dermatology Consultants.

Some unwanted facial hair growth is genetic and permanent, like the shape of our brows, which require regular maintenance to adhere to our esthetic ideal. Other facial hair growth like stray hairs on the chin are frequently due to hormonal fluctuations or can be side effects of other medical conditions.

The first step in effectively treating unwanted facial hair is to determine if there is an underlying medical condition that must be treated first to reduce the likelihood of additional growth and make facial hair removal options more effective. Our Board-certified, experienced dermatologists can help guide you in this and may recommend other types of specialists to help treat conditions like hormonal imbalances.

Our facial hair removal options at Dermatology Consultants include:

Gentlemax is a type of laser treatment that is highly effective in producing long-lasting hair removal on the face and body. It is safe for all skin types and can be used on small or large areas. It’s a gentle treatment through which the laser sprays deeply cooling cryogen onto the skin before each pulse, minimizing discomfort. Learn more about Gentlemax.

Our skilled estheticians offer waxing services to temporarily remove facial hair. Waxing is especially useful when it comes to areas like the eyebrows where sculpting is also desired – not simply removal of hair, but actual styling of the brow to achieve your ideal look. Waxing leaves skin smooth and lasts several weeks. Hair may actually grow in thinner when it returns, but waxing must be done regularly to maintain results. Learn more about our esthetician services.

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