The new CoolSmooth applicator from CoolSculpting is now FDA-cleared to treat the thigh area. In a recent study 86% of patients noticed visible fat reduction after just one treatment!

Since the CoolSmooth applicator is flat and does not require suction, it’s much more suitable for smaller fat deposits like those on the outer thigh and it adjusts to fit to each individual.  Just like other CoolSculpting procedures, treatment with the CoolSmooth applicator is comfortable and effective. Patients generally require 2-4 treatments lasting 2 hours per area. Even fat deposits that can’t be pinched, like those on the thighs, can be treated comfortably and conveniently.

thigh fat

How Does CoolSmooth™ Work?

The CoolSmooth™ applicator destroys fat cells by freezing them. Fat cells are more susceptible to cold than other body tissues.  By cooling your problem areas with the CoolSmooth™ applicator, we can eliminate fat without affecting the surrounding tissue. After a CoolSmooth™ procedure, the body naturally metabolizes destroyed fat cells. Plus, unlike surgical procedures, most people are able to immediately return to their daily activities.

Am I a good candidate for CoolSmooth™?

CoolSmooth™ treatments are recommended for people with an active lifestyle looking to banish stubborn areas of ‘non-pinchable’ fat, such as the outer thighs and upper abdomen. Many of our patients choose to schedule this treatment after they’ve seen the results of  CoolSculpting® treatments.

What happens during a CoolSmooth™ Appointment?

Each CoolSculpting® and CoolSmooth™ treatment begins with an initial consultation. Before beginning the treatment, we’ll take a moment to discuss your goals, and mark the problem areas to be treated. Then, a protective gel pad is placed over the treatment area, and the applicator is put in place. Using the CoolSmooth™ applicator, each treatment lasts approximately 2 hours. Most patients can immediately return to their daily activities after a CoolSmooth™ appointment.

When Will I See CoolSmooth™ Results?

After a CoolSmooth™ procedure, patients will see results begin to appear as the body metabolizes fat from the treated area. Most changes happen 2 to 3 months after a CoolSmooth™ procedure. With optimal maintenance and care, CoolSmooth™ results are permanent.

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