Introducing a new laser for psoriasis treatment

Dermatology Consultants physicians will be  using the PHAROS EX-308 Excimer laser for psoriasis treatment of some patients at our Eagan location beginning February 19, 2013. The laser provides psoriasis treatment and treatment for vitiligo by delivering ultraviolet light to the skin and is indicated for mild to moderate psoriasis.

“We’ve used traditional light therapy for psoriasis treatment for a long time, but the PHAROS  Ex-308 will allow us to treat the patient with fewer sessions that reach deeper in the affected skin. However, because only the psoriasis plaques are treated, we won’t harm healthy skin around them,” said Malinee Saxena, M.D. , a Board-certified dermatologist with Dermatology Consultants. “Also, the Excimer laser is really helpful for reaching areas that are harder to treat, like elbows and knees, and it’s relatively pain-free.”

The PHAROS EX-208 laser gets its name from the fact that it aims a high intensity UVB light dose of a specific wavelength, 308 nanometers, directly at the psoriasis plaques. Several treatments are usually needed, however the laser targets only the affected areas. Studies have shown that psoriasis sufferers often experience longer remissions after psoriasis treatment with Excimer lasers, while reducing unnecessary radiation exposure.

Patients must first consult with their dermatologist before being  approved for treatment.  Call 651-209-1600 to schedule a consultation with your dermatologist or click here for more information.




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