Q&A with our new CEO Bill Kenney

How would you describe your career in healthcare?

My entire career has been in healthcare. I started out as an orderly where I gained a great appreciation for the special bond that happens when caring for patients and families. The experience of delivering direct care to patients is one I will always cherish and never forget. In my late twenties, after working as a medical social worker for seven years, I knew I wanted to focus my career on health care leadership and administration so I pursued a Master’s degree at the University of Minnesota in Health Care Administration. I see my role as supporting those who provide care to our patients. I have worked with many specialty physician groups here in the Twin Cities with Allina and Park Nicollet, as well as Chicago and Albuquerque.

What are the biggest changes you’ve seen over recent years?

Health care organizations continue to grow into larger more complex entities. So many changes have occurred with insurance and payment options. Many services that once were delivered in the hospital have moved to the office or outpatient setting.

What excited you most about the opportunity at Dermatology Consultants?

This is solid, high quality group of physicians and staff that has served patients for a long time. Even I was a patient of Dermatology Consultants as a kid! I remember going to the Central Medical practice for care. The opportunity to work closely with these physicians and staff to support the development of the practice serving the East Metro area is very exciting!

As the CEO, what do you feel are your top strategic priorities?

First and foremost, we need to continue to put the patient first in all we do every day. Dermatology Consultants needs to continue to grow services in the East Metro area, and develop and maintain strong partnerships with health systems and primary care practices in the area. As we adopt more electronic communication in the healthcare industry, Dermatology Consultants needs to be able to respond to our patients in the method they are most comfortable communicating with us.

What is the most important element of the relationship between a doctor and patient, and/or healthcare provider and patient?

The most important element  is developing a trusting relationship. Patients must feel they can communicate their concerns and fears. The healthcare provider can then use their knowledge, skill and tools to address those concerns.

How would you describe yourself as a leader? 

I prefer to be visible and approachable to the staff and physicians without getting in the way of them delivering care. As I am learning more about Dermatology Consultants, I like to observe our staff in action. That includes  observing the way patients are welcomed at the front desk, listening to our schedulers so I can hear patients’ requests, and observing the care delivery. As a relatively outgoing person who values communication, I want every staff member and physician to be comfortable approaching me with their suggestions and concerns.

Any personal information you’d like to share? 

I grew up in St. Paul and absolutely love this community! I have had the opportunity to live and work in a few communities outside the Twin Cities but I am proud to call St. Paul home. I am on faculty at the University of Minnesota and St. Mary’s University where I teach a class in Health Care Administration. My family and I love to spend our free time at our cabin in northern Wisconsin.  My wife Maggie has many talents and interests beyond her professional work and just launched a food blog.   I am the proud father of 2 boys, Jack 20 and Charlie, 16. They are excellent golfers, a skill they claimed skipped a generation with me.

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