Treating Brown Spots at Dermatology Consultants

Brown spots on the skin are usually caused by sun damage and aging. Sometimes called liver or age spots, brown spots on the skin are hyperpigmentation resulting from too much exposure to the sun’s UV rays, or from UV ray exposure in tanning beds. People who allow their skin to be exposed for prolonged periods to UV rays without sunscreen or protective clothing are at greater risk of developing brown spots at any phase of life, but particularly as they age.

It’s important to note that not all brown spots on the body are simply age spots. Some brown spots may actually be moles, and should be examined by one of our experienced dermatologists to determine if there is any cause for concern. Brown moles should always be tracked for any changes that may indicate skin cancer. Brown spots that are true age spots are flat patches of discoloration on the skin.

At Dermatology Consultants we have a number of treatment options for brown spots, including:

Laser treatment options for brown spots include CO2RE and Q-Switched Alexandrite lasers. CO2RE laser reaches superficial and deep layers of the skin to resurface and rejuvenate. Q-Switched Alexandrite laser is very effective at treating highly targeted areas of the skin, such as singular spots. The results of laser treatments can be seen in as little as one treatment, though multiple treatments may be necessary for maximum results. Learn more about laser treatments at Dermatology Consultants.

The Fraxel DUAL laser is a specialized treatment that targets damaged skin with deep-penetrating microscopic columns of laser light. These columns only treat very small areas of tissue at a time, leaving the surrounding areas untouched to promote fast healing. Old, damaged cells are replaced with new, healthy ones. Learn more about Fraxel DUAL.

Obagi treatments are prescription strength skin care products that are ideal for treating brown spots, sun damage, scars and other skin tone and texture issues. Obagi products also prevent the appearance of future spots and sun damage. Obagi products are available by prescription only, and our dermatologists can help you create an Obagi treatment plan that’s right for you. Learn more about Obagi here.

Lytera 2.0 by SkinMedica is a topical skin care product for brown spots and other hyperpigmentation problems. It improves skin tone and brightens skin with simple application twice daily. Learn more about Lytera 2.0.

Mild to medium-depth chemical peels that resurface and rejuvenate your skin are also effective at reducing visible signs of sun damage such as brown spots. Our skilled estheticians offer such peels and will create a plan that’s tailored to your unique needs, even combining different types of peels to achieve best results. Learn more about peels.

Your absolute go-to treatment for preventing the future appearance of brown spots is sunscreen. On the face we recommend a broad spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF 30, worn daily. On the body we recommend broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF 50 worn anytime and anywhere the skin is exposed to UV rays. We sell a number of high quality sunscreens in our offices. Learn more about sunscreen and discover some of our recommended sunscreens.

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