Clinically Proven Hair Growth with iGrow Hair Growth System

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The iGrow Hair Growth System has been gaining popularity of late, and with its space-age laser helmet it may look like a gimmick. The truth is, it’s been proven clinically effective at stimulating hair growth for thicker, fuller hair, and is FDA cleared for this purpose for both men and women. It is both safe and effective.

The iGrow system promotes hair growth and energizes hair follicles, combating hair loss. With regular use, iGrow will produce thicker, fuller hair in just 6 months.

The iGrow helmet uses Low-Level Light Therapy to stimulate new hair growth. This is laser light that’s referred to as “cold” – that is, it cannot burn your skin. The iGrow system combines laser and LED light. This therapy strengthens and thickens the hair shafts, and while the exact reason this works is not fully understood, the results are clear. It’s believed the light is absorbed and triggers healthier hair growth at the cellular level. The iGrow system has shown the highest percentage of increased new hair growth of any published clinical studies on light-mediated hair growth. You can read scientific studies about the iGrow system here.

iGrow can even be used after hair transplant surgery to help boost results. Always consult your physician before using iGrow after surgery.

Treatment sessions last about 20-25 minutes and treatments should be done 3-4 times per week (alternating treatment days). Once hair has regrown in 4-6 months, continue to maintain with 1-2 sessions per week.

iGrow Hair Growth System is safe to use in people over 18 years old. If you’re under 18, please consult a physician before attempting to use iGrow. Learn more about iGrow.

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