Dr. Juan Jaimes Now Holds World Record in Diagnostic Accuracy

diagnostic accuracy

Congratulations to Dr. Juan Jaimes who now holds the world record in diagnostic accuracy, as achieved in the DermaChallenge event hosted by the Dermatology Department at the Medical University of Vienna.

During the human versus human part of the event, the over 1,000 participants from 65 countries viewed a number of photographs from a pool of nearly 10,000 images showing dermatological conditions including skin cancers, lesions and more. The primary challenge was to get 30 images correct. Participants made over 2500 attempts and Dr. Jaimes was the first and only participant to achieve a perfect score of 30/30 and declared the winner.

One of the skin cancers Dr. Jaimes excelled at diagnosing was melanoma. Melanoma can be one of the more dangerous types of skin cancer, but the earlier it’s detected the easier it is to treat, and the higher the survival rate.

One of the other goals of the challenge was to beat artificial intelligence at correctly diagnosing the conditions shown in the photographs. Fewer than 30 dermatologists in the entire world have been able to beat the artificial intelligence. Dr. Jaimes beat the artificial intelligence 14 times. In one of the attempts Dr. Jaimes was able to have 4 more diagnoses correct than the artificial intelligence. Only one other person has been able to accomplish this and as of this writing that score still holds the world record

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