Top Tips for Anti-Aging

By : on : February 12, 2022 comments : (Comments Off on Top Tips for Anti-Aging)

If your skin is showing visible signs of aging, or if you want to put into practice an anti-aging regimen to prevent signs, Dr. Tanya Sale has three v...

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Sun Safety for Runners

By : on : August 25, 2021 comments : (Comments Off on Sun Safety for Runners)

By Phillip J. Keith, MD The sun is rough on runners. Any time you go outdoors, your skin is at risk of damage from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Su...

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Your Biggest Skin Questions answered by Dr. Jeremy Cook

By : on : May 2, 2018 comments : (Comments Off on Your Biggest Skin Questions answered by Dr. Jeremy Cook)

Jeremy Cook, MD is a Board-certified Dermatologist with Dermatology Consultants. He sees patients in our Woodbury office and online. Recently we posed...

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Sun Damage Treatments and Prevention

By : on : June 3, 2017 comments : (Comments Off on Sun Damage Treatments and Prevention)

Sun exposure over the course of your life can damage your skin in many ways, harm your physical appearance and potentially your health. However, there...

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The Dangers of Suntanning

By : on : April 27, 2017 comments : (Comments Off on The Dangers of Suntanning)

As the weather gets nicer, you may want to spend more time enjoying the outdoors and soaking up the sun. Tanning, however, is never a good idea. While...

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