Free Skin Cancer Screening Saturday, May 5th

By : on : April 17, 2018 comments : (Comments Off on Free Skin Cancer Screening Saturday, May 5th)

Dermatology Consultants will offer free skin cancer screenings by our Board-certified Dermatologists on Saturday, May 5th, 2018 from 8-noon at our Woo...

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Restylane Filler Event Thursday, April 26th

By : on : March 27, 2018 comments : (Comments Off on Restylane Filler Event Thursday, April 26th)

Join us at our Woodbury location on April 26th, 2018 for a special Restylane filler and SkinCeuticals skincare product event!   These products can b...

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Congratulations to Our 2018 Rising Stars!

By : on : March 20, 2018 comments : (Comments Off on Congratulations to Our 2018 Rising Stars!)

Congratulations to the Dermatology Consultants physicians named 2018 Rising Stars by Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine! Dr. Bethany Cook, Dr. Jeremy Cook,...

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Online Dermatologist Visits with Teledermatology

By : on : February 6, 2018 comments : (Comments Off on Online Dermatologist Visits with Teledermatology)

The usefulness of recent technological innovations that improve the way we communicate is not limited to just social media. Telemedicine is a convenie...

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Heat Rash: Diagnosis and Treatment

By : on : January 30, 2018 comments : (Comments Off on Heat Rash: Diagnosis and Treatment)

Heat rash can be irritating, but it really isn’t much cause for concern at all. The bad news is that you’re probably going to get very itchy. But ...

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Why See a Board-Certified Dermatologist?

By : on : January 17, 2018 comments : (Comments Off on Why See a Board-Certified Dermatologist?)

You may be wondering when and why it’s important to see a board-certified dermatologist, especially when there are so many over the counter prod...

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Understanding Vitiligo

By : on : January 15, 2018 comments : (Comments Off on Understanding Vitiligo)

If you notice that white patches on your skin have started to appear, you may have vitiligo. Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease, meaning that the disco...

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Understanding Folliculitis: Inflamed Hair Follicles

By : on : December 20, 2017 comments : (Comments Off on Understanding Folliculitis: Inflamed Hair Follicles)

What is Folliculitis? It may sound fancy, but folliculitis is pretty common and mostly harmless. Folliculitis is what happens when hair follicles beco...

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Announcing ALASTIN Skincare Products

By : on : November 30, 2017 comments : (Comments Off on Announcing ALASTIN Skincare Products)

We’re excited to announce that we now offer ALASTIN Skincare products in our four offices! Our dermatologists specifically choose the products w...

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What to Expect of a Dermatology Checkup

By : on : November 6, 2017 comments : (Comments Off on What to Expect of a Dermatology Checkup)

Going to the dermatologist for an annual checkup is just like going to your physician’s office. It’s important for your overall wellbeing and can ...

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