Lifeline Skin Care

At this time, Lifeline Skin Care is the only non-embryonic human growth factor skincare product on the market, and considered 2nd generation growth factor technology. The active ingredients are harvested from non- fertilized parthenogenetic, pluripotent stem cells, and with added emollients and anti-oxidants, help promote tissue repair and rejuvenation.


Stem cell growth factors are near the top of the ingredient list.

  • Active ingredients are encapsulated into lipid bi-layer nanospheres to maintain potency and enhance penetration. They will not be deactivated by prescription medications or other skin care products, so are easily layered with other gels and creams
  • Many anti-oxidants and naturally derived ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, panthenol, rosemary, green tea, blueberry, and the anti-inflammatory, niacinamide.
  • Fragrance, gluten, paraben free.
  • Light texture that is also hydrating.
  • 100% of all profits used to fund research for cures for Parkinson’s, Diabetes, and other diseases.

During the month of April, 2016 all Lifeline products are 20% off!

Daily Defense Complex 1 oz Retail $140 SALE $ 112. Apply over prescriptions or other topical serums and under sunscreen. Antioxidants, enzymes, growth factors protect and defend against environmental damage.

Recovery Night Moisture Serum 1oz, Retail $190 SALE $152. Apply over prescription topical, OTC retinol, or gel serums. Peptides, amino acids in stem cells help with skin repair process, improving lines and wrinkles.

Eye Firming Complex .5 oz, Retail $97 SALE $77.60 Use ¼ pea size to eye area, both morning and evening. Caffeine, growth factors help reduce puffiness and dark circles and smooth fine lines.

Travel size Mini Kits Retail $97 SALE $77.60 Approximately 4 weeks of the above Day, Night, and Eye products.

Brightening Cleanser 1.7 oz, Retail $37 SALE $29.60 Day or night use. This unique, fine powdered cleanser is mixed (nickel size) with water in palm of hand. Contains salicylic acid for brightening and skin smoothing effect.

Dual Action Exfoliator 1.7 oz, Retail $67 SALE $53.60 Use large pea size, 1-3x per week. Environmentally safe microcrystals and glycolic acid combine for a fine textured scrub. For milder exfoliation, this product may be mixed with any cleanser.

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