Teen Acne: Helping Your Kids Stick to a Skin Care Routine

Most parents can attest: it’s tough getting teens to stick to routine. But routine is the best way to treat and prevent acne breakouts. It’s important that parents are proactive in helping their teens follow their doctor’s instructions and practice good skin care. Here are some tips parents can try to keep their teens breakout-free.

  • Simplify the regimen. The fewer products involved the better, and ideally they should be quick to use no more than twice a day. Of course, if your dermatologist recommends products that require more involved directions, always follow those. But work with your dermatologist to arrive at a plan that is as simple as possible to maximize your teen’s chances of following through every day.
  • Watch what your kids eat. You may not always be able to control what your teen consumes, but lots of junk food can aggravate acne, so try to limit trips to fast food restaurants or junk food in the home. Fresh, healthy meals nourish skin from the inside out.
  • Encourage self-care. Getting enough sleep and enough water, for example, are important for skin health throughout one’s life. By starting your teen on lifestyle changes that promote health, you’ll help them develop habits that nourish their skin.
  • Teach good hygiene. Ensure your teen is bathing regularly and washing his or her face according to your dermatologist’s recommendations. Identify items that could be contributing to oil and dirt on the face, such as pillow cases and cell phones. Change bedding regularly and disinfect phones often.
  • Boost their self esteem. Acne is often debilitating to self-image. One way you can help your teen feel more confident is helping her or him learn how to conceal acne with makeup. Talk to an esthetician about the best products for your teen’s needs, and treat your teen to a how-to session to demonstrate exactly how to apply makeup to reduce the appearance of acne breakouts and scars. The better they feel about themselves the more likely teens are to adhere to a skin care regimen they feel is truly working, and the more they adhere to the regimen the less concealing they’ll need as their skin heals!

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