Introducing the New PRP Facial

Introducing the new PRP Facial! SkinPen with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) helps tighten skin and speeds up the healing process. Everything from age spots to wrinkles, to scarring to hyperpigmentation can be treated with traditional microneedling, but the addition of PRP may boost effects and achieve results faster.

Learn more about SkinPen, a minimally invasive treatment to improve skin tone and texture, boost collagen, treat scars and rejuvenate skin. During a SkinPen microneedling with PRP treatment the patient’s blood is drawn and centrifuged to separate out plasma and stem cells. These cells are rich in growth factors that when injected into diseased or damaged tissue trigger the body’s natural healing and recovery process.

Check out the new PRP Facial at Dermatology Consultants and what it can treat in the video below!

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